"A Baby Boy Suddenly Appeared" "Akachan wa Totsuzen Ni" (赤ちゃんは突然に) is the first episode of the Chibi Devi! anime. It aired October 10th, 2011.


14 year old Honoka Sawada is constantly bullied by her classmates. She has few friends and bullies constantly remind her of this. Her family is absent at home, meaning she is always alone. She falls asleep in tears when a mysterious devil baby is dropped onto her bed. She finds the devil baby in her bed when she wakes up. Her initial reaction is to pretend she hasn't seen it. The baby begins to cry, but after Honoka plays peek-a-boo with it, it calms down. It then proceeds to soil itself. When Honoka changes its diaper, she discovers that not only is it a boy, but it also has a strange devil tail accessory. She spots his name, Mao, on his bib. Mao starts crying for milk. Honoka decides to go and buy some from the shop with him and puts him in a dragon outfit. As she is out walking, she sees two bullies from school. They offer her a deal that they won't tell their teacher if she takes responsibility for this month's cleaning duties. Honoka begins to cry and Mao, seeing his 'mother' is upset, breathes fire and torches the bullies.