Sugisaki Shin

Shin is a main character in Chibi⭐️Devi. He is the same age as Honoka and is Mao's father figure.


Even though Shin seems like a cold hearted person at the beginning of the series, he is really reliable and is protective for those he loves.

Appearance Edit

Shin wears a shirt with blue and white stripes across. He wears a short yellow jacket on top. He wears brown jeans with a black belt and he has spiky hair.

Relationships Edit

Family (Unkwown)

Romance Sawada Honoka It is unknown if Shin has feelings for Honoka but he is always protective of her and is always getting mad at her for her own good. And as shown in episode 16 Shin stands up for Honoka when Itsuki was teasing her.

Friends Kitajima is only shown in episode 68 and is Shin's friend.

Uchimura is also Shin's friend and is only shown in episode 68, Walk With Papa.